arborloo trial and error


an arborloo is a simple and ecological type of toilet consisting of

– pit
– concrete slab
– superstructure (toilet house) to provide privacy
– a ring beam to protect the pit (optional)

the concept of the arborloo toilet is to collect feces in a pit, and subsequently to grow e.g. a fruiting tree in this very fertile soil.

the arborloo works by temporarily putting the slab and superstructure above a shallow pit while this pit fills. when the pit is nearly full (3/4), the superstructure and slab is moved to a newly dug pit and the old pit is covered with the earth got by digging the new pit and left to compost. the old site uses a bed for fruit tree or other, which is preferably planted during the rainy season.

after getting the hole set up, we realised the water level on the land is quite high and will pose a problem to the composting. personal findings show that the arborloo is not a viable option for lands with high water levels.

we hope to find some other use for the beautiful hole that was dug.

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