who we are

houseofarture is the lovechild of Yoong Chou and Charissa Adeline.

Born from a desire to live healthier, it combines both our passions for artistic creativity and living sustainably with nature. Everything you see here is what we ourselves use in our home.

Together, we have spent the last 3 years fine tuning our own natural recipes and have decided to make them available to those who find themselves unsatisfied with chemically laden commercial personal care products available on shelves.

With the help of friends (also known as our product testers) who have been willing to be experimented on, we have been able to create products for many different skin types. We also know how difficult it can be to make healthier choices when healthy often means a hole in one’s pocket, so we have collections that range from basic & affordable to over-the-top rich & nourishing.

By purchasing houseofarture products, every cent you spend goes to supporting a small sustainable family owned and operated business. We thank you very much in advance! 



Yoong Chou and Charissa are urbanites who have spent their entire lives in bigger cities. In January 2015, they decided to pack what little belongings they had and move to Taiping, Perak in search of a healthier lifestyle. Together they experiment with building their own furniture, making homemade products, growing their own food and basic construction as it is their dream to build their own home, start a lifestyle project and create a space where people live harmoniously with nature and a community based on love for one another and life can thrive.


7 thoughts on “who we are

  1. I would love to visit your farm and also to pitch in what’s need n to be done. You’ve the courage to realise your dreams. I hope to get to know the both of you.
    Simon Siow.

  2. Well done! Keep it up! May visit you one day when I’m in Malaysia. From Texas.

  3. We look forward to meeting you. There’s lots to work on so I’m sure you’ll find something you would enjoy doing.

  4. I work with US oil and gas company and based on the oil rig offshore Terengganu. I work 14 days and off 14 days. I’m interested to see how you guys progress with your project and help needed. I’m 53 years old married with 3 grown up childrens. I live not far from taiping about 45 mins drive up north to taiping.

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