how to get involved

arture is open to volunteers of all interests and ages.
most volunteers contact us through our host profiles on helpx and workaway.
we can also be reached at or

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volunteering at arture involves 4-5 hours of work on a normal day in exchange for free lodging and food that’s cooked together in our communal kitchen. 

we are currently working on transforming a 6000sqft clearing which we will use to build container cabins for volunteers to stay. at the moment, our priority will be establishing structures for basic living. construction on the cabin will begin soon. there is no electricity at the moment (we are looking at installing solar panels or getting electricity pulled to the land). there is an outdoor shower, and a kitchen in progress.

we are currently living in our home, about 10 minutes away from the land. internet is available here and volunteers for the time being are living with us here. there are 2 shared rooms with 4 people to a room.

as we are in the set up/learning phase of this venture, it would be of great help to host volunteers with skills and experience in

– basic construction.
– wiring.
– plumbing.
– woodworking.
– farming.

current projects include building
– cabin from shipping container frame.
– kitchen.
– dining area/hall.
– bamboo/wooden huts.
– garden beds for growing vegetables.

we look forward to welcoming you into our family, the malaysian way and hope the bonds we build will continue to grow beyond the time you spend here.

volunteers can stay as long as they want 🙂


8 thoughts on “how to get involved

  1. Hi, I am a friend of Mr Yeap Thean Eng.
    I am also the current President of Taiping Toastmasters Club as well as 2nd Vice President Elect of Taiping Lions Club.
    I have retired recently after having taught for 36 years. I would love to see your place and projects soon to get more people involved via my former students and friends.
    When would be a good time to make a visit ?

  2. Hi Mr. Yong. We will get in touch with you through the facebook page you’ve linked to discuss how we can work together and get more Taiping people involved.

  3. Hi, I’m a fresh architecture graduate from Taiping currently working in Penang. I’m happy to see the initiative to improve the lifestyle in my hometown. I would love to help and volunteer myself in areas I’m familiar with. Cheers

  4. I and some friends of mine would like to volunteer over the weekend as I am a DIY guys well verse in electrical and plumbings.

  5. Sure thing! We could definitely use skills in electrical and plumbing work! Could you get in touch with us through email or phone so we can discuss when would be best.

  6. I have a property at taiping farmland kamunting. Slightly less than three acres. Half of which is planted with various matured high quality fruit trees. The other half across stream is vacant. Recently another friend had purhased a piece of one acre plus and have build a few container home and half is a covered shed growing paasion fruit. He like all your of us is from KL. He has since given up his successful business and is full time living in the farm. A few of us is ken to build a community house on my vacant lot. We are keen natural and organic farm
    ers. As a hobby I have some expertise in microbes for fish rearing and plants. Being in the same vicinity ana like minded can we meet up or update on the phone? Tried calling your number but no reply

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